Notice to Buyer:
This is more than just some very pretty apparel.
If you don’t know this already, this Blueprint apparel was inspired by Faithe Bey’s We Are The Blueprint Collection of paintings she started back in October 2019. The art pieces she made were intended to shed light on how trends started by Black people navigate throughout our society. Black people are often criticized or deemed lesser than when doing/saying/wearing these trends, and when our non-Black counterparts do the same, it’s considered cool and stylish.
With everything We Are The Blueprint, we are reclaiming, owning, and loving our naturally, trendsetting selves. Yes, it exposes some pressing issues within pop culture, but it is through this exposure that we want Black people to feel uplifted, positive, and proud as an outcome. 
To All of Our Valued Customers:
Remember that this is a statement you are wearing.
Remember what it stands for.
To Our Valued Black Customers:
Own your blueprint. Do not let it go unrecognized, ever.
To Our Valued non-Black Customers:
Recognize the privilege you have to wear these products.
Please do not wear this solely for trendy, fashion purposes, 
as you’d only be proving its point.
"Thank you very much for your purchase and unending support of my artwork. I hope you enjoy having them as much as I enjoyed creating them!"
This collection is made to order in limited quantities. Please allow 4-8 weeks for your items to process, and an additional 7-14 days for shipping. We also may experience unexpected shipping delays; we apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.