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Faithe Bey Art is a luxury art and fashion brand started by artist and entrepreneur Faithe Bey to showcase all of her artwork. Learn more about Bey and her journey here.

Every exhibition has a passionate story to tell, and is often a reflection of Bey's headpace. From the texture of the fabrics to the color of the threads, Faithe Bey Art spends countless hours cultivating every detail into a visual experience.

We're glad you asked. (:

The concept of The Blueprint originated from Bey's original art collection, We Are The Blueprint created in October 2019. (see Figure 1)

"Today we are celebrating and recognizing the rightful authors of this narrative. The facts are that Black women are the blueprint of pop culture, and this collection is intended to display such facts that aren't being talked about enough." Read the full Original Excerpt here.

Since 2019, the Blueprint has branched off into many different directions:

Our Wave (Figure 2) was created in Spring of 2020 to celebrate the dopeness, pride, and joy of Black men.

Later that summer, Blueprint Defined was brought to life, and changed everything. Those in support of We Are The Blueprint from the jump could wear it as a reminder everywhere they go. This was truly the beginning of the fashion movement of Faithe Bey Art we are looking at today.

Now, we celebrate Blueprint Redefined. Read the full story here.

As of now, all of our pieces are currently "made to order" as opposed to holding inventory. Made to order means your pieces are made just for you based off of your order specifications.

Order updates are sent out as each piece goes through our creation stages.

If you haven't been getting status updates on your order, please check your spam folder, as they are sometimes sent there.

For further assistance, please email info@faithebeyart.com. We're happy to help!

Like art often does, these pieces take time to make. In a world where fast fashion and 2-day shipping dominate the clothing industry, Faithe Bey Art takes great pride in putting the necessary time and quality into what we produce. Our pieces aren't just dope clothing. They are passionate works of art.

With that being said, Please allow 1-3 months for your order to be made with the love and care it deserves. This timeframe includes both processing and shipping.

All orders from the What Is Love Exhibition are expected to ship between the end of May and the beginning of June.

For more information on our shipping and processing times, pelase review our policies here.

Figure 1: Bey and original pieces from We Are The Blueprint at the Women4Women Art Show in 2019.

Figure 2: Our Wave, We Are The Blueprint, oil on masonite, 2022.

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More Information on materials

Satin vs. Silk

Silk is a natural fabric that is produced by silk worms.

Satin is a man-made fabric that is typically made up of a mixture of satin, nylon, and polyester. Our satin-lined hoodies are made with silk-like polyester satin.


Embroidery is the art of applying decorative designs onto fabric using a needle and thread. Our pieces contain satin stitched embroidery. Satin stitched embroidery is is a series of flat stitches that are used to completely cover a section of the background fabric.

French Terry vs. Fleece

French terry is a lighter, and more breathable fabric compared to fleece. It is best suited for the spring and summer. Blueprint Redefined marks our first collection to incorporate this fabric.

Fleece is a thicker, heavier fabric that is better suited for fall and winter. This fabric was used for all of our past sweatsuits, from The December 2020 Edition sets, to those featured in What Is Love, 2022.