Thank you for visiting my digital January 2021 Exhibition! This exhibition features two collections: one being "WE ARE THE BLUEPRINT: OFF THE GRID", and one being a collection of apparel pieces that I designed.
I stepped outside of my comfort zone to experiment with digital art, and ended up falling in love with the endless possibilities it allows. This secondary collection of "WE ARE THE BLUEPRINT" titled "OFF THE GRID" could not have been done with any other medium. The four pieces in this collection, Flower-Like Twists, The Finest Cloth, Like Bantu, and To Reach for Roses, started out as draft works so I could figure out what I wanted to put on an actual canvas. But the more I got into it, the more detailed these "drafts" became until I could no longer sit and say that these were simply that anymore. They became pieces of their own, and each stage, each layer, each point of progress became a piece within that piece. And I recognized them as such. 
That is where the name "Off the Grid" came from, and it holds so many meanings. I knew I wanted to focus on hair as the subject of these pieces because I felt that there was more to branch off of with the "OUR HAIR" piece from the original WE ARE THE BLUEPRINT Collection. I still have so many ideas to extend from all of the original pieces. What I didn't know until I started playing with the many layers I was making, was that I wanted to identify them as pieces. It wasn't until I got to the last piece of OFF THE GRID, Like Bantu, that moving the layers around while they still overlap each other told a different story.
A different hair story.
I took that to another level when I created To Reach For Roses. To me, that piece shows the most movement and flow, and it's probably my favorite from the whole collection. Everything is still on the grid of the blueprint, but they're not lined up with each other. The brush strokes are rough and skewed. Each piece is similar but different. The hairstyles shown either take us back to our roots, take us all over the world, or both. Perfectly imperfect in every way.
Off the grid.
My apparel collection this month features one hoodie and one jogger pants, both titled Champagne, that combine to make a sweatsuit. If you are familiar with my work, you know that this is not the first sweatsuit, or piece of apparel, that I have designed. However, this January marks my one-year anniversary of designing apparel, so it meant a lot to me to make this one special. A silk-lined hoodie is something I've wanted to do for a long time, and I sleep better at night knowing that if I'm too tired to put my bonnet on, my silk-lined hoodie has my back! There's something about satin that has always made me feel divine, whether it's the lining of a hoodie, or a slit dress that touches the floor. Between the cloud-like fluff of the cotton, and the silk shine of the satin, this sweatsuit piece allows me to share the touch of divinity with others. It brings me unexplainable joy to know that my work can now be worn as well as seen by those who continue to value it.
The exhibition is currently for display only, but all pieces featured here will be available to purchase starting 1/16/21 @ 12AM CST.
Thank you so much for joining me on this ongoing journey and enjoy!"