"Fun fact: This was initially supposed to be Love Is Toxic, because in my eyes, that seemed to be the only “love” and affection I was getting. You see, Toxic is like the devil. It can take shape in any person or thing. It takes form in what’s most familiar and beautiful to you. You see the signs that something isn’t right, but you ignore them because it’s comfortable enough.
Right in the middle of designing this piece, I looked toxic right in the eye and realized three things:
1. Wow. This isn’t at all what I thought it was.
2.This isn’t at all what I wanted.
And 3. This isn’t at all what I deserved.
I thought it was all I was capable of receiving, so I let it happen. But looking back, I realized that I truly deserved better. If you're reading this and thought, "Yeah I felt that," know that you deserve better, too.
P.S., there’s a reason red flags take the shape of horns."