At its core, New Beginninz is all about starting fresh, being grateful for what you have, and realizing what you need is oftentimes right in front of you, and within yourself.

Not only in this my first collection under a brand new name, it will be the first time ever letting YOU choose the price!



To reduce the risk of fraudulent bids, we require all bidders purchase a Penny, or a small $1 fee required to place a bid.

1 Penny = 1 Bid, 2 Pennies = 2 Bids, and so on!

Once you find the pieces you want below, simply click on them to begin placing your bid.

You should receive an email confirmation after every bid you place, as well as when you've been outbid by someone else!
When the auctions end on Sunday at 8PM EST, all pieces will be awarded to their highest bidder!


We are so thrilled for you all to be apart of our first auction! We know you're eager to throw down some zeros below, but please take some time to read the rest of the important information here before placing bids.