"Welcome to my website! My name is Faithe Bey, and I am a 21 year-old, self-taught artist and college student from Texas. I started painting in December 2017, and I've been increasingly involved with it ever since. Between schoolwork and classes, making art is the passion that fills my free time. My style of work is photo-realistic portraiture that is sometimes infused with abstract elements. I also records time lapses of most of my work, which can be found here:(https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCcmjztDXjsG3WRUuHICfmXQ)

My mantra is to "trust the process," which I live by through both my artwork and my day-to-day life. By doing this, I hope to one day become a full-time artist, and share with the whole world this creative gift God gave me.

Whether you saw it on Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, or elsewhere, I hope you found the exact piece of artwork you were looking for. Thank you for visiting my website, as every little ounce of love and support I receive is the same energy that goes into my creative process.. Please come again!"

- Faithe Bey

For more information on works on this site, commissions, or any further questions, please email Faithe Bey at faithebeyart@gmail.com.