Bey works with various mediums to create her artwork, from oil paint to mixed media. Bey also dabbles in self-portraiture and other photography from time to time.

"Please note that this portfolio is a work in progress, as my pieces are being gathered and analyzed to be displayed in an organized, aesthetic fashion. Given this is an online platform, I only want to display them when I feel I can execute them in an adequate way visually.

Please enjoy what I have on display thus far. More works, as well as fine prints, will be available in the coming weeks."

We Are The Blueprint, 2019.

Bey's most famous collection of works to this day. Read the full excerpt here.

Click on the images below see the full paintings for "We Are The Blueprint"

Bey has become increaingly involved with taking photos of herself on her iPhone covered in acrylic paint. She then edits the photos to give them various chromatic and temperature effects.
Progress picture, In Color, 2023, Faithe Bey, digital art.


Together, Faithe Bey, digital art, 2022.
Untitled, Faithe Bey, digital art, 2022.
Untitled Sketch, Faithe Bey, digital art, 2022.

The Sweeter The Juice

A limited selection of art prints are available NOW!

faithe bey
"All I want to do is share my stories."