"I've put a lot of thought and time into this collection because it took me awhile to realize exactly how I wanted to convey my opinions and ideas on the topic. On top of that, I was unsure how to put them into a painting, nonetheless words. Well, you see it, and now you can read it.

“She slays whether she’s wearing a tight dress or sweatpants. She’s usually slim thick and has all the curves in all the right places. She’s also a little bit sassy which makes her that much more attractive." “Slay”...smh.

Given what I already know, and what Urban Dictionary so kindly put into words, I created my definition of a baddie through illustration. What you may not know, because credit is never given where it's due in terms of Black culture, is that today's "baddie" in America is heavily inspired by Black women. 
From our curvaceous looks to our catchy slurs and mannerisms, Black women unintentionally and effortlessly gifted pop culture in America what the average girl wants to look and sound like. Long nails, colorful wigs and intricate hairstyles (often intertwined with braids), slim thick bodies, dramatic makeup, and of course, full lips .....
What were once considered ghetto or ratchet have swept the nation’s average female body faster than you could say "on fleek". Or “yass bitch”. Or "girl bye".

Today we are celebrating and recognizing the rightful authors of this narrative. The facts are that Black women are the blueprint of pop culture, and this collection is intended to display such facts that aren't being talked about enough. 

A note to my Sistas:
We are the blueprint. I’ll say it again just in case you didn’t read that right.
It's time we not only recognize this as our creation, but own it. If you don't already, unapologetically take pride in what you are and who you are, and you better not hide your true self to conform to anyone's Eurocentric, small-minded thoughts and feelings. Do these things starting right now and moving forward! Because before you know it, your being will be namelessly trending. Do not let your blueprint go unrecognized! Periodt."

-Faithe Bey, October 2019