A Letter From the Artist

Welcome to my website! My name is Faithe Bey, and I am a 23 year-old, self-taught artist and college graduate from Texas.  I started painting in December 2017, and I've been increasingly involved with art ever since. 
When I first created my Instagram page Faithe Bey Art, it was simply a way to share my art and maybe make some money. However my way of marketing my work was too saucy to be solely a side hustle. The best part about it was that I enjoyed doing it. I rediscovered my childhood talent for creativity, and fell in love. Working for someone else straight out of college never really crossed my mind, but after I started Faithe Bey Art, I knew it was never going to.
One moment that I'll never forget was when I was visiting a "friend" of mine several years ago. Her father asked me and my other friend what we were studying in college. I proudly said I'm majoring in Studio Art. His response was, "What are you going to do with a degree like that?" He then had the nerve to say, "What do your parents think?"
Everyday I'm so grateful that my parents love me unconditionally, and never questioned my career choice. I'm even more grateful that between our launch in 2019 and now, Faithe Bey Art is on its way to $1 million in sales. 
My brand is dedicated to shutting down all of the “No you can’t"'s, and replacing them with, “Actually, yes I can”’s, while shortly following up with “And I did”’s.
From watercolor painting with Crayola marker ink (yes, you read that correctly) to designing fashion pieces using my digital work, I recently came to the conclusion that Faithe Bey Art knows no limits. Any surface can be a canvas, and any thing can be a medium.
Whether you saw it on Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, or elsewhere, I hope you found the exact piece of artwork you were looking for. Thank you for visiting my website, as every little ounce of love and support I receive is the same energy that goes into my creative process.. Please come again.
p.s. Take advantage of the world around you, for she has all the tools you need.
- Faithe Bey

For more information on works on this site, commissions, or any further questions, please email Faithe Bey at faithe@faithebeyart.com.